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The use of a wheel wash system can be a successful control measure for the transfer of debris beyond site boundaries and spread of noxious weeds. It is also serves to clean vehicles of troublesome or destructive materials for longevity and safety purposes.


Quarantine Wash Down Facility

Our quarantine wash down facilities are rugged, hard wearing and modular. They include fully portable above-ground systems with ramps, as well as semi-permanent in-ground systems that can be dropped into a trench and attached to our unique galvanised drive-on platform. We supply both an automated and self serve option. We can configure any amount of wash down bays that will simply ‘lock’ together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

The quarantine wash down systems are attractive and clean units, they are easy to install, and suitable for vehicles of differing size and length. Installation of the unit can be as permanent or temporary as the situation requires.

  • Automatic wash down unit

  • Under body washing

  • Self Serve Washing

  • Rent or buy it’s your choice!


Automatic wash down unit

Our automatic wash down system is a high speed washing system that commences the wash cycle by detecting the movement of a vehicle in and out of the wash bay through use of photo electric of sensors. The system delivers an effective weed wash to both the underside and outside of the vehicle as it passes over the wash grid. The systems are built to operate in the harshest conditions with the main frames supported by CO2 welding, long lasting paints and are sandblasted to prevent rusting.

A submersible pump installed in each system enables the water already utilised to self circulate. In addition an automatic water supply system ensures a constant supply of clean water. An automated chain conveyor is installed in the system. The conveyor transports and disposes of soil and debris that comes off the vehicle during the wash process. At the same time Ph levels are being measured and flocculate dosing adjusted.


Under body washing

The wash down system does not require an operator – the driver remains in their vehicle at all times, simply driving into the unit at slow speed. The unit uses photo-cell technology that commences the wash process as the vehicle breaks an invisible light beam on entering the wash bay.

A combination of the low pressure high volume jets and the vibration caused as the vehicle drives over the grates of the unit results in all the dirt on the vehicle dropping, and being washed into the pit below the grates. This pit is sloped which sees the heavy mud collect at its bottom. Through a conveyor system this mud is then removed from the unit. Water is re-used in the wash process from the top section of the pit by the operation of a submersible pump.

QNE supply quarantine washing applications of 96 jets at 960 L / minute at 85PSI. These are often used in mining and primary industry and also for container washing purposes in shipping yards, construction sites, quarries and any other application that requires vehicle underbody washing.


Self Serve Washing

Complementing options to the automatic wash down units are our self serve bays. These have a high pressure lance system that allows the operator to chase those hard to get areas after passing through the automatic system should they choose.

The Self Serve bays are also a fully modulated system with 3000 psi water pressure available and can be installed on a level site within hours of unloading. The whole facility is linked to a centralised container plantroom which manages the water in and out of the facility and houses all of the electrics and pumping systems

Our unique configurations and ease of installation allows us to set up multiple self serve bays, automatic bays, water tanks and plant room all within 2 days!

There is a minimal amount of excavation required, no concrete works needed and best of all the facility can be removed and transported away to new locations with the minimum of fuss and down time!


Rent or buy it’s your choice!

QNE now have available the option to rent part or all of a quarantine wash down facility as pictured here. You can mix and match the configuration to suit your needs and avoid the capital expenditure and cash drain on your business. We have minimum term rent periods depending on the layout of the site but will accommodate any enquiry. Contact us any time for a no obligation appraisal of your wash requirements.



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